Welcome to the Garrison Comunity Council

The Garrison Comunity Council – Building closer connections between Canadians and members of our Military Community.

A Garrison Community Council is a grass roots, citizen based initiative bringing together members of the community from business, government, education, service clubs, associations and other interested individuals to build a greater understanding of the Canadian Forces through engagement and participation with the local military community.

The appeal of the Garrison Community Council is in allowing all citizens the opportunity to get involved at whatever level they choose, within their own community, with their relatives, friends and neighbours who serve in the military; and the families who support them.

This sentiment has been reflected in 2010 in Regina and Montreal, where the latest two Garrison Community Councils have been organized, events and activities planned and support well entrenched.

Building on this interest in other communities has been a priority, with presentations made and contacts explored in Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, Alberta; Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba; Barrie, Brantford, Windsor, Guelph, Kingston and Hamilton, Ontario; to Quebec City and into Nova Scotia in Sydney, Yarmouth and Halifax.

While each independent GCC will have different goals, driven by the needs and interests of the local community the underlying purposes of the GCC are:

  • To enhance and sustain the cultural and historic links between the local military community and the civilian community in which it resides and which it serves;
  • To provide a visible and tangible means of support to our military families; and,
  • To develop, promote, publicize and co-ordinate events, projects, celebrations, and
    educational programs for the mutual benefit of both communities.

Share in the pride of our armed forces, past and present. Honour the commitments and sacrifices made by the women, men and their families, on our behalf. Support your neighbour – join or start your Garrison Community Council.