GCC Sponsors Jet Aircraft Museum Education Program

(This article can be found in the May Issue of the GCC London newsletter, click here)

jamFrom the inception of the Garrison Community Council, one of its Core Activities has been Educational Outreach. Under the leadership and vision of Dr. Don Bondy, GCC established the Starbase program. For years, through the sponsorship of GCC, a series of grade 6 classes had their learning enriched with a focus on science, mechanics, and related careers in a military setting (HMCS Prevost). Ever since the Starbase Program had to be terminated, there has been a significant interest in finding a suitable replacement program which would enable GCC members to resume an active role in an educational program with youth within the London Community.

Recently the GCC Board has approved support in the form of some start-up funding for the Jet Aircraft Museum Education Program which will provide a hands-on field trip experience for grade 6 students from London’s schools and will be designed to cover approved science curriculum units related to Properties of Air and Principles of Flight. This program will provide a learning experience similar to the Starbase Program and, as well as start-up funding, GCC has donated their Starbase materials. Our own members Doug and Marti Acton are actively involved with JAM Education and will be seeking other members to volunteer to assist with the program.