Significant Military Dates- May

May 2, 1885  North-West Rebellion
Canadian Militia and Permanent Force soldiers battle Riel’s forces at the Battle of Cut Knife.

May 3, 1917  World War I
Lieutenant Robert Combe of the 27th Battalion, C.E.F. at Acheville, France, engaged the enemy using grenades, inflicting heavy casualties, and later took his company’s objective and eighty prisoners to earn the Victoria Cross.

May 4, 1910  Canadian Navy is born
Birth of the RCN The Canadian Navy, later redesignated as the Royal Canadian Navy, is authorized after Royal assent is given to the Naval Service Act of Canada.

May 4, 1951  Cold War
The first NATO students to be trained in Canada graduate as navigators from the Air Navigation School at Summerside, PEI.

May 5, 1945  World War II
General Foulkes accepts the surrender of German forces in the Netherlands at Wageningen. Netherlands are liberated.

May 12, 1997  Manitoba Flood
By this date, 5,785 troops were sent to southern Manitoba to assist the civil authorities during the Manitoba Flood

May 13, 1943  World War II
HMCS Drumheller, HMS Lagan and an aircraft from the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 423 Squadron combine to sink the German submarine U-753 in the Atlantic Ocean.

May 14, 1917 World War I
Lieutenant R. Leckie, Royal Naval Air Service, flying a Curtiss H-12 flying boat shoots down the German Zeppelin L.22 over England.

May 17, 1900 Boer War
Relief of the siege of Mafeking assisted by “C” Battery Royal Canadian Field Artillery.

May 23, 1944 World War II
1st Canadian Corps breaks through the Hitler Line and occupies Pontecorvo, Italy.

May 28, 2000 War Memorial
The sarcophagus of the Unknown Soldier is transported from Parliament Hill and laid to rest at the National War Memorial, Ottawa.